Geige – Fritz Gütter

Datum 14.02.2020
Ort Amersfoort, die Niederlande

I left the train from Amsterdam central station to Amersfoort central station at 18:30 and realized I had left my violin in the train. It was not possible to look in the train until the next morning, by which the violin was already gone. By this time the train had already driven back and forth a couple of times so it is possible that it was taken on a different station.

It is a 4/4 violin with a non descriptive label on the inside (pictures added). The case is a carbon black BAM case with stickers on it. Inside the case were two bows. One of which was made by Fritz Gütter. I do not have any information about the other bow but it is recognizable by it’s ivory frogpiece.

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